Rolfing Structural Integration- the original anti-aging bodywork therapy

The 10 series is a 10 session systematic journey through the entire body, releasing the adhesions and twists and turns that have formed throughout your lifetime.  Getting Rolfed gives you a new, flexible, adaptable body restoring proper balance, function and range of motion making you feel years younger.


Rolfing produces its dramatic and semi-permanent results by releasing the underlying fascial adhesions.

Fascial adhesions on the physical level restrict movement, maintain chronic tension and reduce proper circulation of both blood and lymph fluids negatively affecting the health of your body. But perhaps more importantly, fascial misalignments and adhesions interfere with the body's electrics which flows through both the nerves and the fascia system.  This has the effect of decreasing our perception and sensitivity and interfering with what is sometimes called our "energy body" or our spiritual connection to our physical body.  Generally called a lack of integration.  

These layers of tension are closely tied to our psychology as our posture speaks loudly about who we are and what we are experiencing.  Over time, these tension patterns form a kind of  armor over our physical body- protecting us from the harshness of the world and others but also cutting us off from enjoying the full sensation of being human.  

Ida Rolf developed the 10 series process for releasing this armor in a systematic way that allowed for dramatic improvement in this vital system of our body allowing for a transformational shift in our experience of being alive.  This is the true goal of Rolfing.   Her means of describing this shift was to harmonize the energy of gravity , the earth's bioenergetics, with our physcial body: resulting in a change in consciousness

Founder Dr. Ida Rolf (1896-1979)

Ph.D. Columbia University Biochemistry 1921

"The grandmother of modern day bodywork"

Each session in the series has it's own independent goals which work towards fulfilling the larger overall goal of aligning the body properly with gravity.  

Session 1 Expand The Breath

Systematically release the body's superficial fascia-the fascial sheath that lies just below the skin's surface.

Session 2 Find the Feet

The feet are the foundation of the entire vertical structure, having open, adaptable and responsive feet allows for stacking the rest of the body on a solid foundation.

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Session 3 Lengthen the sides

The body has the dimension of depth or thickness.  This session is to open the width of the body by releasing the front to back relationship down the sides of the body.

Session 4 The Inner Line

The beginning of the core sessions, the inner line of the legs into the pelvis begins connecting the line of gravity through the legs into the feet.



Working up the front of the body we work the quadriceps and deeply in the abdomen opening the psoas and illiacus awakening the proprioceptive connection to these largely unconscious muscles.


Session 6 Free the Sacrum

Here we release the deep 6 lateral rotators, the hamstrings and access the core from the back by working deeply in the key muscle Quadratus Lumborum


Now we work the thoracic outlet, releasing adhesions keeping the head out of alignment on the shoulders as well as accessing the top of the core through the jaw, mouth and nose.  


Usually this session is an upper body session deeply working to release the shoulder girdle through the axillary compartment on the subscapularis but also the rotator cuff and pecs.

Session 9 Integrate the upper/lower body

Now is our chance to revisit areas in the lower body which are not fully integrated yet or needed a bit more attention.  You will feel the overall benefit of the series starting to really come to your awareness now.


In our final session we work to integrate the entire body by looking at all the major horizontal planes in the body making sure they are level.  We will work the low back and neck in this session too as I do in every single session of the series.  We finish with a refreshed flexible body and a mind, whose grey matter may have been a bit fixed too, that is now far more flexible and open to new ideas, experiences and perspectives.