Rolfing Services I Offer:

The Rolfing 10 Series    75 min sessions

The famous full body realignment
transformational series
performed over 10 separate sessions.

Individualized Rolfing sessions for Chronic Pain Treatment 75 min sessions

Low back stiffness and ache
Neck pain and stiffness
Knee problems- swelling, pain

Carpal Tunnel
Nerve Entrapments
Repetitive stress injuries- musical
instruments, computers, work related
Old sports injuries
Scar tissue

Rolfing for Acute Injures Individualized 75 min sessions

Sprains and Strains
Back Injuries

IT Band
Plantar Fasciitis
Nerve Pain



Rolfing Performance Enhancement 75 min Individualized Sessions

Athletes-golf, tennis,
surfing, fishing, runners,
Dancers Performers
Yoga practitioners- advance years!

Rolfing Mind Body 75 min Individualized Sessions

Emotional de-armoring and release
Change in perception and attitude about life
Increased authenticity
Deeper connection to love and life

Rolfing for Teens 12-18   60 min

Postural correction
Back and Neck Pain
Effects of braces
Sprains and Strains
Performance enhancement/sports injuries
Repetitive stress injuries- musical
instruments and computers

Rolfing for Kids 0-11   45 min

Postural problems
Pigeon toed
Bow legged
Neck pain
Sprains and strains
Injury recovery
Birth trauma
Car accidents
Back pain


Rolfing Rates Per Session:

All Rolfing sessions for adults are 75 minutes and $185 per session

Rolfing for Teens 12-18 60 minutes $135

Rolfing for CHILDREN 0-11 45 minutes $95

The    Colorado Study    Proved that Rolfing is Less Expensive Over TIme than Other Therapies

The Colorado Study Proved that Rolfing is Less Expensive Over TIme than Other Therapies

1.     Unlike MD’s, acupuncturists, physical therapists and chiropractors, Rolfers do not see multiple patients at once, and give a full 75 minutes of therapy at each client visit
2.    Rolfing’s results are immediate and semi-permanent not requiring extensive ongoing multiple revisits or exercise routines you must follow to get the results
3.    Trained to work on a very wide variety of conditions from intra-oral work for TMJ to nerve impingements to surgery prevention
4.    Rolfing is a world-renowned professional therapy utilized by olympic athletes, world famous musicians & performers and has been featured in the media from New York Times to Science magazine

Rolfing Q & A


Unfortunately health insurance does not cover rolfing treatments, but rolfing tends to produce results much faster than most other insurance covered therapies.  I accept credit cards, cash and personal checks.  I do not accept payments in advance for the whole series or offer discounts. Rolfing sessions individually or in the 10 series are $185 US each. I do not turn away patients for injury treatment due to cost if the injury is effecting your ability to earn a living, so if you are injured and need to discuss affordability I am open to that. Some people space their sessions further apart to make Rolfing more affordable on a monthly budget.

What do I need to know for my first session? 

Rolfing® is much more interactive than many other therapies... because I need to evaluate your standing and walking structure before, during, and after sessions, underwear is the traditional Rolfing® attire for clients. For men, briefs or boxer-briefs and for women, a bra and underwear (a two piece swimsuit is another option).  Because we will be doing work on your back each session, sports bras or other tops with a X backs are not ideal.  It is okay to discuss other options for attire before our first session, allow up to 90 minutes for the first session so we can go over your health history and answer any questions you may have. Subsequent sessions are 75 minutes.

What will I feel like and be able to do after a session?

You will feel better almost immediately and participate in your regular activities.  Sometimes you may be a bit tender to the touch in some of the areas we just worked for a couple of days but you will have less pain and restriction in those areas. 

Because Rolfing is working on lengthening and releasing the connective tissue adhesions in your body, for best results I recommend to not do any resistance style exercises for the next 2-3 days after a session on the area of the body we just worked.  For example if we are releasing your shoulders and arms don’t lift weights, do push ups etc for a couple of days and stay focused on your lower body.

Do you prescribe stretches and exercises to follow up with?

No.  Rolfing is a complete therapy which produces results rapidly in the session itself.  There is no need to follow complicated and tedious exercises like with Physical Therapy to get you the results.  If you do want my advice it would be to go to a skilled yoga instructor.  Yoga is the art of stretching with more than 3000 years of history (hard to argue with that)!

Is Rolfing Painful?

No.  What is painful are the adhesions and the restrictions in your body now.  Going deeply into them to work them out can be intense or even very intense at times but it is nothing that even children and the elderly can’t handle.  You will have less pain even after your first treatment.  (In more severe injuries the sessions can be painful at times when working on the most painful part of your injury).

What can I expect?

I produce very effective and rapid results for injuries and performance enhancement removing decades of accumulated chronic tension and stiffness in the body in just a few treatments. You will progress dramatically further in your professional sport or yoga practice in fewer treatments saving you time and money. Further, Rolfing creates semi-permanent results leaving you far more flexible and dynamic in your body for life. You will not need to be continuing to come back for treatments over and over to maintain your flexibility especially if you incorporate some yoga or massage into your life for your overall health. But… you may want to! People who get Rolfed tend to LOVE it and having some regular sessions throughout the year can be fantastic. The Rolfing 10 series is a lifetime overhaul of accumulated tension since childbirth. An individual is likely only to go through this realignment but a couple of times in their entire life. It is unique, special and transformative.


Rolfing makes a great gift! Give the gift of health with a beautiful gift certificate

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