Severe Sciatic Nerve Pain in Both Legs

My very first Rolfing client, Scott, came to see me to prepare for his upcoming back surgery.  He was unable to find any position, sitting, lying down or standing to relieve the pain shooting down both of his legs, as a result he was in constant pain and on powerful anti-inflammatory medications. He had had a thorough evaluation, MRI, showing a bulging disc at L-4 L-5 squeezing the sciatic nerve; and was scheduled for surgery in 2 weeks time.  Despite the clear diagnosis "requiring surgery", he was pain free and cancelled his surgery after being rolfed only 4 times.  It was a great thing for him but equally for me as I discovered first hand the power of Rolfing.  Since that time I have prevented hundreds of surgeries and not just back surgeries but also hip, shoulder and carpal tunnel.

Surgery should be a last resort, explore your options before going under the knife.  Rolfing is a proven safe and effective therapy for the relief of nerve impingements. 

In the month of February 2014 I had a 6 patients come to see me in my San Jose del Cabo location all headed for back surgery.  Every one of them cancelled their surgeries and were symptom free in just weeks.  That is the power of Rolfing.

Sciatic nerve pain has TWO primary origins

1st is lumbar vertebrae compression, it is nearly always presumed to be the cause yet the 2nd origin is possibly even far more common and is simply overly tight piriformis muscle squeezing the nerve on its exit from the the pelvis on its path down the back of the leg.  This is easily corrected with Rolfing in just a couple of treatments.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

(OR numbness and tingling in the arms and hands)

Surgery VS Rolfing for nerve impingement

Muscle tension and Fascia restrictions apply pressure on the nerves causing the symptoms of numbness and tingling.  So surgeons just cut the tissues!  Instead you can have that tension released with Rolfing.  See the Colorado Study page I was involved in that proved the superiority of Rolfing to surgery for nerve problems.