Rolfing Improves Strength & Performance

Like No Other Therapy



Muscular strength is not just a factor of the number of fibers contracting but also the length of that contraction.  Here is where the magic of Rolfing for performance enhancement comes in...

Muscle fiber contracts pulling the fibers repeatedly in the same direction (towards their origin) and overtime the tissues are shortened having bunched up around the muscle origin contraction site like the sleeves of a shirt gather at the shoulder and elbow.  Now each time you engage that muscle group, say for driving a golf ball, many of the muscle fibers are already in full contraction and are unable to contribute to the job. 

This is what physical therapists are actually measuring when they muscle test you and tell you, for example, that your left hand grip strength is 12.73% weaker than your right.  This is a common interpretive mistake that your muscle is weak and needs to be strengthened, when in fact all the muscle fiber you need is there, but much of it is in full contraction and cannot do any work. 

Rolfing breaks up these adhesions allowing the muscle fiber to lengthen to its proper position and then immediately the strength is fully restored.  No exercises to do. No stretches to do.  Stretching when fibers are highly adhered hurts because instead of getting that pleasant feeling of a stretch the fiber doesn't lengthen and you are simply yanking on the tendons at each end of the muscle, and that's unproductive and painful.


In 2013 I worked in San Jose del Cabo where I treated a number of world famous golfers including Hank Haney, instructor of Tiger Woods for his tendonitis in both elbows.  Golfing often causes problems in the elbows but also in the neck, knees, hips and low back.  

Eliminating the pain is the first step but it goes much further as I got consistent reports of significantly improved distance in drives, ease of movement and precision in putting. For those who are serious about golf, you will get drastically better performance from being Rolfed rather than buying another new club, ball, or gizmo.



Yoga instructors, not just students, have their difficult areas and restrictions.  I have worked extensively with many instructors as well as students of yoga with dramatic results.  Ida Rolf PhD. was known for saying that the Rolfing 10 series was the equivalent of 5 years of yoga practice.  I've heard rolfing described as someone doing yoga on your body for you, and there is some truth to that.  If you want to accelerate your yoga practice nothing is as effective as Rolfing.   



Cycling is the prime example of repetitive stress sports.  The miles and miles of riding in a crouched position, with shortened illiopsoas can lead to a number of issues in the body.  Upper back pain/strain but hip flexion issues as well.  

Rolfing works deeply in the abdomen to lengthen the psoas to keep you strong and your posture balanced preventing long term back pain.  The Italian olympic cycling team has utilized Rolfers for decades!



Runners collect injuries!  Shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee problems, IT band tension and pain, ankles etc.  Misalignments in the structure are exaggerated by long runs and soon show themselves as uneven shoe wear and a corresponding pain pattern traveling up through the whole body.  I have had years of practice Rolfing Triathletes, Iron-Men, Ultra-Marathoners, and weekend warriors. Keep yourself from being injured by working out the misalignments now.  



The ballet of sports!  Tennis requires enormous agility and ability to instantly change directions and stretch in every dimension.  If your game is not where you know it can be chances are it is those pesky fascial adhesions restricting your movements.  Get Rolfed!  It will renew your agility and eliminate pain in the elbows and wrists and provide the hip freedom which is especially important in this sport!




Superbowl champions Seattle Seahawks top players were Rolfed by my Rolfing instructor Russell Stolzoff.  Many professional athletes in a wide variety of sports have discovered the power of Rolfing to help them reach that next level and keep injuries to a minimum.  Football is one of those sports that leaves a "lasting impression" (long term injuries).  Even football injuries from 50 years ago can be relieved and reduced.  Ida Rolf used to say if they are still warm, then they can be helped!



Concert Performances Too!

Medicine has recently created a new field for itself called "Performing arts medicine" like their sports medicine field.  Dancers and musicians have grueling practice rehearsals with incredible amounts of repetitive stress and strain.  I've treated many for their injuries in arms and hands as well as foot and ankle injuries.  Rolfing is proven* to be far more effective than medicine for the treatment of repetitive stress injuries.  Don't be in pain and uncomfortable while performing your art.