Chronic Pain, Injuries and Range of Motion Restriction

Adhesions in the fascia/connective tissue are the primary source of pain, inflexibility and stiffness in the body.  Rolfing is the therapy developed to specifically deal with this issue and is the most effective therapy, as it goes directly to the cause.

I have more than 12,000 hours of experience, and have probably seen the issue you are dealing with call me and I will happily talk to you about whether Rolfing may help.  Here are some of the most common issues and what Rolfing can do for you:

The Hips

If you look around at people walking, you will see that as people age one of the first things to go is the freedom of movement at the hips.  Eventually from stiffness they begin to shuffle as they walk, not bend down to pick things up, restrict their activities, take medication, stop dancing and overall limit their enjoyment of life.  Before Rolfing there was little anyone could do about restrictions in the hip but that is a thing of the past.  The one thing almost every client I work on has said is how much younger they feel because of the incredible changes in their hips.  Stop shuffling and start moving freely again.  Rolfing corrects even serious hip problems.

The Low Back

Nearly everyone has low back pain or stiffness today.  Adjustments and stretching are just not sufficient to eliminate the problem long term.  The problem is that the low back is one of most dense parts of the body with strong, thick layers of fascia.  This fascia is assisting the entire upper body to balance on top of the sacrum and it gets extremely tense over time.  Because of the very deep nature of Rolfing treatments, Rolfing is able to penetrate these thick layers and release tensions from an entire lifetime giving you a new low back.  Stop accepting low back pain as "part of life" it is not necessary!


Rolfing effectively and rapidly corrects:

Tendonitis- golfers elbow, tennis elbow


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Lumbar disc compression


Piriformis syndrome

Thoracic outlet syndrome


Cervical sprain

Shoulder sprain- rotator cuff injuries

Trigger finger

Morton’s neuroma

Plantar fasciitis

Bulging disc pain

Degenerative disc disease symptoms

Hip replacement prevention

Shin splints

Ankle sprains

Swollen Knee

Hip Pain

Repetitive stress injuries

Arthritis symptoms reduced



Jaw restriction

Postural imbalances

IT band strain and pain

Weakness of grip

Low back pain

anywhere and everywhere in the body that has pain due to overuse, sprain/strain even decades old.