Simply Amazing Arnica for Pain

What can you do immediately for inflammation, bruising, sore muscles or joint pain?  Get a hold of some real organic arnica.  I say real, because most arnica on the commercial market has only tiny amount of the famous Arnica Montana flower which quickly relieves pain and speeds the healing of traumas.  You may have seen aloe vera salves on the market and if you have ever cut open an aloe plant and used the fresh jelly on a burn you know how significantly more powerful it is than the commercial products.  It is the same for Arnica.  Lots of people buy traumeel, or various other commercial arnica products and do experience some benefit but if you have never used real arnica you are in for a pleasant surprise.

I use Simply Botanicals Arnica healing salve in my practice and have now for years since first discovering it.  It relieves the pain of tendonitis in minutes.  It belongs as a fundamental part of everyone's first aid closet and will help you avoid taking harsh pain killers like ibuprofen or Tylenol.

Simply Botanicals is my wife Carol's company and I've helped and watched her make all of her products and they are truly homemade with love!  She sells several other organic creams and salves, like comfrey, calendula, foot soaks, bath salts, etc.  order a couple of bottles to have on hand, you will not find a more powerful arnica.

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