The Destroyer of Weakness

The most powerful supplement you've never heard of...

I have studied natural health my entire adult life discovering a collection of some of the most powerful and effective supplements that give you a dramatic lift in the quality of your life.  I have shared these products and techniques with clients for 25 years now and no one had ever even heard of this one...

Launching my new supplement line of products Catalyst Elixirs Shilajit

Launching my new supplement line of products Catalyst Elixirs Shilajit

Shilajit, also known as "The Destroyer of Weakness" or "The Conqueror of Mountains".  Shilajit is the oldest mentioned supplement in Ayurvedic medicine, some 3000 years ago.  It is considered a panacea and effective for every condition.  Why?  Because it strengthens the whole body.  I got some while I was in Nepal, it oozes out of the high Himalayan mountain rocks as a black tar.  It is extremely rich in minerals and trace minerals but in a completely bio-available form combined with Fulvic and Humic acids.  It is so revered it is considered magical.  

I have seen it eliminate psoriasis and eczema in mere days, balance the gut, even out blood sugar, increase libido dramatically, stamina and endurance.  It is the best mineral supplement you can take, but no one knows about it which is why you can't even find it in a health food store.  Now I have my own secret stash that I get from Nepal available and if you want to get a bottle of that stuff ask me for it!  

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The History, Science and Mythology of Shilajit PDF