Rolfing and Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful all around supplements to dramatically improve your health and prevent injuries to your tendons and ligaments.  You think you already know this, but there is so much more to know.   Scurvy is the disease of Vitamin C deficiency, in the old world, sailors on long journeys without access to fresh fruits used to suffer and eventually die from internal hemorrhaging.

Humans, unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, can't produce their own Vitamin C and must get it from diet or supplements.  Without Vitamin C your body cannot produce the connective tissue necessary for the proper strength and integrity of your body and your vascular system. In cases of scurvy, you begin falling apart!  Your immune system weakens, your muscles and joints hurt and are weak, then your teeth fall out and eventually an artery ruptures and the scurvy mate bleeds to death internally. 

This is what bruising easily is an early indication of.  A small bump into a table, for example, leads to large bruises because the tissue isn't strong enough for the impact.  Same with Rolfing.  Rolfing should not cause any bruising but if it does it is usually a vitamin c deficiency. The health of the local capillaries is poor and can't absorb the pressure of the bodywork. 

I have also had patients with inexplicable pain in their spine and joints which the anti-inflammatory qualities of Vitamin C has helped immensely.  Vitamin C will strengthen your connective tissues, your immune system, reduce inflammations, speed healing and improve your overall health, it, just as you had heard decades ago, is a must use daily supplement.

But perhaps even more importantly….

What is the #1 cause of death in the USA?  Strokes and heart attacks.  Both are cardiovascular disease that are 100% directly related to Vitamin C levels.  Proof?  that's easy-  Linus Pauling PhD- the only man in history to receive two unshared nobel prizes demonstrated conclusively that CVD, strokes and heart attacks were caused by lack of vitamin c and were in fact forms of pre-scurvey.  You simply must study the subject more on your own, a great place to start is  When the body does not get enough vitamin c daily, the high pressure arteries in the heart begin to weaken.  To prevent a rupture of these critical arteries the body secretes cholesterol to shore up the walls from the inside.  It is an emergency action of the body to save your life!  But medicine doesn't pay any attention to this knowledge and prescribes cholesterol lowering drugs, and now you know why they don't prolong life.

In December 2014 I had a 64 year old Rolfing patient who went to the emergency room over the holidays due to chest pains, shortness of breath and was diagnosed with 25% heart function and a grim future.  I immediately informed him of Pauling's work and he began a regular regimen of large doses of Vitamin C & lysine.  He was not living a healthy lifestyle and he didn't change his ways, diet or exercise.  He called me in September 2015 to happily inform me that his heart function is now perfectly normal and he had felt normal after only 1 month on the therapy!  What changed?  The addition of the Pauling Therapy.  

Not all Vitamin C is created equal!  Any vitamin c will do the job to reverse heart disease as long as you take enough of it (and along with lysine).  But there has been a new breakthrough in vitamin c technology in the last 5 years that increases its absorption by 5 fold without disrupting digestion.  I make this type of Vitamin C myself with an ultrasound machine, ask me about it if you are interested!  It's called lyposomal vitamin C and I can't recommend it highly enough to you.

It can't be stated more clearly, heart attacks & strokes are pre-scurvy, they are easily and cheaply prevented and reversed.  Cardio Vascular Disease should be relegated to the past, there is NO reason for anyone to ever suffer from this collection of conditions ever again.  Study  Support your friends and family members that are at risk of heart attacks and stroke to get this critical information now and let's stop this needless suffering.

 Liposomal Vitamin C now available at the office!

Download, Print and READ this critical discovery by two time nobel prize winner with 63 honorary PhD’s!

Linus Pauling's Unified Theory 

Pauling's Protocol               

American Journal of CVD