Iodine Magic

Iodine is one of the most important and most misunderstood nutrients in the world.

 Why important?

The thyroid gland in your throat is called the master hormone gland.  Meaning it controls all the other hormone related glands and organs in the body.  So when your thyroid is off then your whole body is off.  To function properly your thyroid gland requires proper amounts of iodine in your diet and that is where the problem comes in.  Almost everyone is iodine deficient as it is a trace nutrient and hard to get in the food which is why in the 1920s an estimated 50% of the US school children had goiter (an inflamed thyroid from iodine deficiency) and it was decided to add iodine to almost everything, not just salt (iodized salt).  They added iodine to all breads and flours, to chewing gum and even cigarettes!  and completely eliminated the goiter problem almost overnight.  Iodine was routinely prescribed at 300mg per day for the treatment of hundreds of conditions and was one of the most revered and celebrated discoveries in western medicine.  

Why misunderstood?

But then, in the 1960's big pharma decided it was cutting too deeply into their profits and they promoted the elimination of iodine from the diets to be replaced with bromine.   Shortly thereafter all of the hormone related organs and diseases began to sky rocket.  Today breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, testicular cancer, are all out of control  All of those organs require both thyroid hormone and iodine to function correctly.  And if you know anything about natural healing and the role of pharmaceutical companies cancer industry you know this has meant 100's of billions of dollars of profits for them.  

If you want more energy, to accelerate your metabolism, to produce more testosterone, growth hormone, to feel better, to prevent fibroids & endomitriosis, nodules, cysts, and a whole host of other serious health problems iodine will change your life.  The results people get are nearly magical and you really need to read about it for yourself.  I recommend you get this book "the iodine crisis" by Lynne Farrow which just came out.  This is one of my other most recommended natural treatments.  Get some iodine, the liquid form is called Lugols (named after the French scientist who formulated it) and the tablets are called Iodoral.  You can ingest drops of the liquid in water or apply topically (ask me about the power of that!) and take the tablets daily.  

To your health!