Shortly after graduating Rolfing school I was hired to compare Rolfing to Physical Therapy and Medical Doctors treatments for repetitive stress injuries.  This multi-year long study by the State of Colorado conclusively demonstrated the superiority of Rolfing to Physical Therapy and Surgery....

My Rolfing work was directly compared against a team of repetitive injury medical specialists including surgeons, physical therapists, and medical doctors. In the year long scientific study my Rolfing treatments (called TRT by State of Colorado) out performed the medical specialist teams by more than 80% in every category- cure rate, total cost, lost time from work, etc.   This program won a National award and was rapidly expanded to departments across the state.  The superiority of Rolfing to medical treatment for nerve entrapment, tendonitis, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel, cervical disc impingement, etc is a proven fact. :)

*This award was presented to the State of Colorado in 2002 for successfully decreasing the cost of repetitive motion injuries with the use of (TRT) Rolfing.