Background and Experience

1991 University of Washington double major Ancient Greek & English Literature

1994 Studied and Certified in Natural Hygiene method of natural healing

1996-2016 Raised my two beautiful daughters through Steiner/Waldorf Education

1995-2000 Founded Health & Human Potential- natural health education company offering seminars, lectures and individual sessions teaching principles of fasting, detoxification, longevity and natural cures

1994-2003 Studied with Barry Long spiritual master and teacher of Eckhart Tolle

2000 Graduated Rolf Institute as Certified Rolfer opened practices in Boulder and Denver operated for 4 years

2002 National award for State of Colorado study demonstrating superiority of Rolfing to PT & Medical treatment for repetitive stress injuries

2002-2013 Opened and operated Rolfing practices in Seattle and on Whidbey Island

2002-2013 Founded, with my sister Michelle Dunkley, & operated for 11 years Valeo Therapeutics injury treatment center in Seattle

2009 Traveled to India and then to Nepal for 2 month private silent meditation

2012 Studied with Kashmiri Shaivist masters Daniel Odier & Natalie Delay

2013 Opened Rolfing practice in San Jose del Cabo Mexico treating professional athletes and golfers including Hank Haney, Tommy Armour,etc. and fortune 100 company owners of Pandora jewlery, Corona beer, Clear Channel radio, etc. 

2014 Studied with Indian Yoga Masters A.G. and Indra Mohan Svastha 

2015-present Moved to Incline Village launching JD Rolfing at Lake Tahoe Licensed Structural Integration Practioner in the State of Nevada Lic #

I am a certified Rolfer from the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado where I also had a practice for 4 years. My Rolfing practice has always had a very practical injury treatment focus along with offering the 10 series postural re-alignment because I came to Rolfing from being in a serious car accident. Rolfing changed my life.

I’ve helped hundreds of people avoid dangerous and costly surgery for low back pain, sciatic nerve impingement, carpal tunnel, and shoulder problems.   Just in one month alone in Los Cabos, Mexico (2014) I helped 6 different people cure their debilitating back problems that they were all going to have surgery for, and these wealthy clients had seen the top specialists all over the country, but had never been to a Rolfer.  Rolfing is a powerful and effective natural treatment for back and neck problems!

I’ve performed more than 15,000 hours of bodywork over the past 20+ years in private practice.  I also proudly opened and operated Valeo Therapeutics with my sister Michelle in Seattle, together with our staff we treated thousands of patients over a period of 11 years.   We specialized in sports and auto injuries while I focused on the hardest to treat cases developing my skills at complex injuries. When my sister was diagnosed with cancer we sold the clinic and sadly a few months later she passed away.

I have been a serious student of life studying in great depth a wide variety of subjects. Never owning a television my entertainment has been learning which has lead to amassing a large library and deep knowledge in natural health and healing as well as philosophy, spiritual studies and history. My training has also come from extensive world travel, studying, practice and meditation with various spiritual masters, including 10 years with the teacher of Eckhart Tolle. 

I, like many, have experienced tremendous trauma and loss which has only deepened my empathy and compassion for others and lead me to assisting others in healing from “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”.

I am described as a very warm hearted individual that is very easy to speak with and I do my best to answer any and all questions about your condition and help you make the most informed choices about your health.   You have to try Rolfing at least once to be able to appreciate how significantly different it is from other therapies and why it is so rapidly effective at such a wide range of conditions.  Give me a call and we can discuss your case.

In the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal setting out on a solo 2 month silent meditation

In the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal setting out on a solo 2 month silent meditation

2018 Christmas with my lovely fiancee Carol

2018 Christmas with my lovely fiancee Carol

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