Rolfing can dramatically improve posture, solve chronic problems, treat injuries, enhance performance and the overall functioning of the whole body. 

Chronic Pain & Injury Treatment

Performance Enhancement

10 Series Postural Realignment

Mind Body Integration


Rolfing is the deepest of all types of bodywork and as a result also produces the most profound and rapid results.  Rolfing re-aligns the posture and restores full range of motion


Call me to schedule an appointment or just to ask me some questions as to whether Rolfing may help you and your particular condition.  Rolfing sessions are 75 minutes and are available M-F 10-3:30. 


Joe has been a practicing Rolfer for 20+ years working with top athletes in the golf world, iron men, runners and bikers as well as sports medicine doctors, business leaders of fortune 100 companies, and the State of Colorado

Rolfing rapidly & effectively treats a huge range of problems & conditions in the body:

22.   Chronic/acute Low back pain and injuries

23.   SI Joint problems

24.   Sciatica nerve impingement

25.   Hip stiffness, pain and ROM restrictions

26.   Psoas/core issues

27.   Hamstring tension & Pain

28.   Knee problems-swelling, patellar tendonitis

29.   Femoral nerve impingement

30.   IT Band tension, pain inflammation

31.   Shin splints

32.   Ankle sprains/strains/ weakness

33.   Plantar fasciitis

34.   Mortons neuroma

35.   Lymphatic restrictions

36.   Performance enhancement

37.   Injury treatment & prevention

38.   Enhanced well being

39.   Freedom of movement

40.   Emotional release

41.   Muscle spasm

42.   Improved posture

1.   Migraines, tension headaches

2.   Neck stiffness, pain and reduced ROM

3.   TMJ, jaw pain, tension

4.   Cervical vertebrae problems

5.   Whiplash treatment

6.   Rotator cuff pain and restriction

7.   Frozen shoulder/Shoulder impingement syndrome

8.   Thoracic outlet syndrome

9.   Epicondilitis- tennis/golfers elbow

10.  Weak grip

11.   Carpal tunnel syndrome

12.   Trigger finger

13.   Repetitive stress injuries

14.   Upper back pain

15.   Head ROM Restriction

16.   Restricted breathing

17.   Chronic rib displacement

18.   Mid back pain

19.   Nerve impingements

20.  Degenerative disk disease

21.   Shoulder ROM restriction